Collectors Edition

Countdown to Perfection Meditations on the Sefirot is a limited-edition (of 200) boxed suite of 50 giclee fine art prints, designed and illustrated by artist Judith Margolis. This work is unusual in that it brings together the tradition of counting the Omer/ Sefirot ha Omer, with the opportunity to meditate on texts/ kavanot in the context of original, colorful art images. All of these elements will assist and inspire your contemplation and ritual practice.

The English language Kavanot, (meditation texts) are by Jerusalem-based Torah scholar Sarah Yehudit Schneider, author of Kabalistic Writings on the Nature of Masculine and Feminine (Jason Aronson Press) and You Are What You Hate A Spiritually Productive Approach to Enemies (A Still Small Voice).

The days of the Omer are scripted in a Hebrew font designed especially for this project by calligrapher Sharon Binder. The design allows each page to be individually displayed in the hand-crafted framed slip cover, while you look at it for that day’s counting.¬† Printed on acid-free watercolor paper, the pages are stored in a handsomely bound archival box.

The box and slip case were designed in collaboration with master binder, Yehuda Miklaf, and is handcrafted by award-winning bookbinder Ido Agassi. Included are a hand-sewn folio with instructions for counting the Omer; additional scholarly notes on the sefirot by Sarah Yehudit Schneider; an essay about meditating on visual images by Judith Margolis and a glossary of Hebrew words and unfamiliar phrases. The boxed collection is produced at Jerusalem Fine Art Prints, under the supervision of Yair Medina.

As an added desirable feature, the entire text, including the kavanot, explanatory commentaries and glossary, have been translated into Hebrew and published as a handsome hand sewn booklet. This will be included, upon request, with your book.

The Collectors Edition of Countdown to Perfection Meditations on the Sefirot has been acquired by the the following institutions, as well as by private collectors:

  • New York Public Library
  • UCLA Young Library
  • U of Washington Allen/Suzzallo Library
  • UC Berkeley Doe Library
  • The Arthur Jaffe Center for Book Arts
  • Yale University Library

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