Personal Edition

The Personal Edition of Countdown to Perfection Meditations on the Sefirot was created in response to the demand for an affordable, more portable version of the Collectors Edition. It includes the same content and is produced, with the same exacting standards as the larger edition, under the watchful eye of Yair Medina of Jerusalem Fine Art Prints.

Both editions contain a page for each of the days of the Omer, illustrated with 50 full-color fine art paintings by artist Judith Margolis;  both contain the English language Kavanot, (meditation texts) by Jerusalem-based Torah scholar and author Sarah Yehudit Schneider. The Hebrew dates for counting are scripted in a font designed by Jerusalem calligrapher Sharon Binder.

The spiral book is bound by Ido Agassi in an elegantly simple easel design that allows for a hands-free display. A carefully crafted pocket holds the colophon document along with a hand-sewn folio with instructions for counting the Omer, additional scholarly notes on the sefirot by Sarah Yehudit Schneider, a glossary of Hebrew words and unfamiliar phrases, and an essay about meditating on visual images by Judith Margolis.

As an added desirable feature, the entire text, including the kavanot, explanatory commentaries and glossary, have been translated into Hebrew and published as a handsome hand sewn booklet. This will be included, upon request, with your book.

A customized version with a personalized design for the opening page, can be ordered to honor an individual, acknowledge a life-cycle event or mark an organizational milestone. Lead time of at least four weeks and a minimum of ten books are required for this service.

You can PURCHASE ONLINE now using PAY PAL or your credit card

The Personal Edition is available through online purchase for $100, plus $10 shipping and handling to the United States and Canada. Prices for shipping to other destinations, for customized copies, and for bulk orders are available on request.